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Excel Document of Level 2 Standards

Level 2 Matrix

2.01 Demonstrates respect and appreciation for self, others, and property.

2.02 Verbally states the importance of setting goals.

2.03 Demonstrates skills to stay on task and complete tasks on time.

2.04 Involved in a class presentation that shares a personal experience with a healthy free-time activity.

2.05 Participates, shows a positive attitude, and offers help both in the classroom and with school-wide projects/events.

2.06 Applies skills to make and maintain friendships (e.g., empathy, compassion, positive attitude, dependability and loyalty).

2.07 Describes potential hazards at home, school and in the community and ways to avoid them (e.g., poisons, fire, cold weather).

2.08 Begins to demonstrate good personal hygiene, nutrition and exercise choices.

2.09 Explains how medications can be helpful and harmful, as well as problems incurred with excessive amount of any substance.

2.10 Demonstrates complex gross and fine motor skills (e.g., jump roping, cursive).

2.11 Identifies appropriate ways to express feelings, emotions and assertive responses to unsafe or unwanted interactions (e.g., bullying, touches).

2.12 Contributes to design and completion of an awareness project that examines of harmful impacts on the environment and community (e.g., litter, pollution, drugs, and crime).

Level 2 Assessment

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