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Excel Document of Level 3 Standards

Level 3 Matrix

3.01 Deals constructively with advice and criticism in a variety of situations.

3.02 Identifies personal strengths and weaknesses.

3.03 Practices decision-making, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and problem-solving strategies.

3.04 Role-plays a variety of situations and identifies strategies to deal effectively with inclusion/exclusion, justice/fairness, and peer pressure.

3.05 Effectively communicates feelings socially in a positive/constructive manner (e.g., taking turns, coming to consensus, sharing and accepting ideas).

3.06 Describes safety procedures for recreational activities (e.g., boating, swimming, gun safety, recreational vehicles).

3.07 Compares attributes of healthy/unhealthy lifestyles (e.g., personal hygiene, drug, alcohol and tobacco use, nutrition, and exercise).

3.08 States basic first aid principles (e.g., direct pressure to stop bleeding, hypothermia prevention, and wound treatment).

3.09 Design a classroom service project that benefits the community.

Level 3 Assessment

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