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Excel Document of Level 4 Standards

Level 4 Matrix

4.01 Exhibits appropriate manners, respect for authority, respect for diversity as well as begins to understand personal bias or prejudice.

4.02 Uses awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses in order to practice strategies to deal with peer pressure.

4.03 Compares factors that affect individuals and families (e.g., alcoholism, time together, drug addictions, birth, abuse, relocation, divorce).

4.04 Identifies proper first-aid principles when prompted in a simulated situation.

4.05 Explores the basic nutritional value of a variety of food sources (e.g., traditional foods, processed food)

4.06 Tells ways to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and compare to non-communicable diseases.

4.07 Works with a team to perform a simple service project outside the classroom (e.g., clean-up day, volunteering).

Level 4 Assessment

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Other Helpful Documents

Student Independent Tracking Charts

Student Presentation Sample Service Learning

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