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Excel Document of Level 5 Standards

Level 5 Matrix

5.01 Demonstrates the decision making process, problem solving strategies, and goal setting.

5.02 Demonstrates an understanding of the concepts of equality and diversity (e.g., gender, economic, cultural, special needs).

5.03 Discusses importance of and begins to demonstrate evidence of a strong personal ethic (e.g., punctuality, quality task completion, best effort, empathy, honesty, appropriate dress).

5.04 Applies basic first aid principles in a simulated situation, teaches and promotes home safety and local risks preparedness (e.g., winter storms, flooding, gun safety, navigation).

5.05 Identifies attributes of healthy communities and relationships/environments.

5.06 Investigates interrelationships and challenges related to physical, emotional, and social changes occurring with puberty.

5.07 Develops a personal plan to confront social pressures related to drug and alcohol use.

5.08 Identifies the transmission, prevention, and effects of AIDS and STDs and identifies the responsibilities associated with pregnancy, parenting, and marriage.

5.09 Volunteers in a team service commitment for a non-profit agency or community event, and understands the impact on the community.

Level 5 Assessment

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Student Independent Tracking Chart

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