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Excel Document of Level 6 Standards

Level 6 Matrix

6.01 Identifies leadership qualities (e.g., communication, consensus building, respect, and teamwork) and the potential negative consequences due to lack of service/volunteerism (e.g., Elders, Red Cross, Coast Guard).

6.02 Demonstrates flexibility, adaptability and resiliency (e.g., through perseverance, acceptance of change, patience).

6.03 Explains strategies for stress management and for responding to a personal loss or crisis (including suicide prevention).

6.04 Applies conflict resolution and critical thinking skills to a variety of situations.

6.05 Displays personal responsibility for successful daily living (e.g., time management, meeting deadlines, scheduling, decision making, health and nutrition maintenance, and personal finance [e.g., budgeting income, expenses, savings]).

6.06 Demonstrates social etiquette while taking on a specific role to accomplish a cooperative project.

6.07 Reflects and acts on personal decisions/choices regarding health and nutrition issues (e.g., recognizes characteristics and dangers of eating disorders, lack of sleep, and exercise).

6.08 Completes a needs assessment of the community to determine issues and possible service opportunities (e.g., gathers data through surveying, interviewing, researching), and names three examples of possible service projects.

6.09 Designs and completes a service learning project (completes a proposal with reasonable/measurable goals and time-line) that assists others in need.

Level 6 Assessment

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