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Excel Document of Level 7 Standards

Level 7 Matrix

7.01 Demonstrates transferable personal/social skills and appropriate, positive behavior in a variety of situations (e.g., uses tact, employs negotiating and leadership skills).

7.02 Evaluates and employs strategies to deal with responsibility, consequences of one's choices and actions, peer pressure, and positive personal relationships.

7.03 Demonstrates all skills required for obtaining First Aid/ CPR certifications.

7.04 Creates and implements a personal health plan to maintain proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

7.05 Analyzes the organizational structure of a regional/national service agency at all levels and traces its impact to the community.

7.06 Develops and implements a community service event .

7.07 Participates in successful simulated independent living (e.g., performs time management, budgeting, chooses appropriate leisure activities, plans meals and shops accordingly).

LS L7 Summary and reflection presentation

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