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Excel Document of Level 8 Standards

Level 8 Matrix

8.01 Demonstrates an understanding of the concept of calculated risk taking.

8.02 Demonstrates the ability to make informed decisions after exploring options and weighing consequences.

8.03 Displays ethical behavior in a variety of settings.

8.04 Strives for personal growth through commitment to life-long learning.

8.05 Uses strategies and support structures to assist in dealing with problems associated with family, school and work.

8.06 Performs leadership tasks in service settings (e.g., enlists/motivates others, is a mentor to others, helps others to solve problems).

8.07 Evaluates the meaning of service experience in his/her life.

8.08 Expresses a meaningful philosophy of life by integrating facts, values, ideas, and service experiences.

8.09 Demonstrates appropriate characteristics of a volunteer by assisting another student in the design or implementation of their service project.

8.10 Participates in a state or nation-wide service project/event.

Level 8 Assessment

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