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==Relevant Internet Resources==
==Relevant Internet Resources==
*[ Bunch of Energy videos WATCH!]
*[ Natural Disasters]
*[ Flood Watch Across The U.S]- you could check if their is a flood near you
*[ Flood Watch Across The U.S]- you could check if their is a flood near you

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Lessons that meet more than one standard







Level 1

A 4- part lesson for the investigation of push and pull:

The Overall Plan

Lesson Break Down

Activity: Measuring Like A Scientist


4 Mini-labs with conclusion/assessment

Structure Determines Function Created by Jake Doth of Shaktoolik

Magnet Lesson Plan Interactions_Level_3-4

Life Science Content Standards: Cell organelle structure & function.

Giant Short Faced Bear - a classroom activity comparing and contrasting the extinct giant short faced bear to present day bears.

web sites featuring science lesson plans This is a bank of Science lessons that are based on Alaska's GLEs for 3rd - 11th grade. You can search by grade level, GLE, or key word.

[Science Mini Lessons] - Biology lessons for levels 5 and up.

The Human Body


Ms. Lien's Internet Sites

Ms. Lien's Math and Science Page

Relevant Internet Resources


Ranger Ricks Nature Scope - Geology The Active Earth. Found this book in my school library, has great pages to read and activities that can be printed out and done. Good Book for Earth Science.

The category is for Science related resources only. To create lessons, use the Wiki Lesson Template or feel free to use your own lesson plan format. Put (lesson) at the end of the title to show that it is a lesson plan.

Lessons Plan Links

The category is for Science related resources. To create lessons, use the {{subst:Lesson Plan}} or feel free to use your own lesson plan format.

This page will automatically pull in links to any lesson plan that has the category tag at the bottom of page of [[Category:Science]].

Important Note:Any lesson plan or page can below to multiple categories! In other words, a lesson plan can easily belong to the categories of Math, Social Studies, Writing and the "theme category" of Iditarod by simply adding each these ANYWHERE on a new page:


The example above would automatically link that lesson plan to all four categories.

Here are the categories of the entire wiki:

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