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Social Studies Levels

1st and 2nd Grades

3rd - 5th Grades

6th - 8th Grades

9th - 12th Grades


The order classes are taught within the above groupings is negotiable. Small sites may need to rotate and only teach one course from each of these groupings per year. The following is the recommended order for progression through social studies levels. Note that the course abbreviations are new. The standards indicator prefix for DART appears in parentheses below.

Grade Course Course Abbreviation
1 My School and Family SOST1 (SS.1)
2 My Community SOST2 (SS.2)

Grade Course Course Abbreviation
3 Our Community and Beyond SOST3 (SS.EO)
4 Regions of Our Country SOST4 (SS.ER)
5 America's Past SOST5 (SS.EA)

Grade Course Course Abbreviation
6 The Ancient World SOST6 (SS.MW)
7 The Medieval World and Beyond SOST7 (SS.MM)
8 The United States Through Industrialism SOST8 (SS.MU)

Grade Course Course Abbreviation
9 Alaska Studies SOST9 (SS.HA)
10 U.S. History: Reconstruction to Present SOST10 (SS.HU)
11 Modern World History SOST11 (SS.HW)
12 Government (1st semester) SOST12 (SS.HG)
12 Economics (2nd semester) SOST13 (SS.HE)


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