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BSSD Yupik Dictionary Index

Welcome to the first attempt at an Open Content, audible, visual and contextual Yupik dictionary! Thanks to Angie Alston and Ginger Crockett and their students for getting this project rolling.

The page is an index link to each Yupik word page entered into the system. Each word has it's own page with an the word, a definition, an MP3 audio file, and any additional relevant information students, bilingual, bi-cultural teachers or visitors would like to add.

Interested parties may also want to also check UAF's converted 1970 document Alaskool Yupik Dictionary, but please respect UAF's copyright, and write your own definitions for use here. It is also important to note that pronunciations and dialects are indicated on Alaskool only for North Slope and Kobuk dialects.

Anyone can add words, pages, upload audio files or link the words in glossary form to other projects where needed. It's a wiki ;-)

How to Create Audio Files Using Garage Band

ID Training Fall 2008

Language dictionary workflow

Yupik Words in Alphabetical Order

Yupik dictionary English Index

Please create a new page for each word you'd like to add. Include the text [[Category:Yupik dictionary]] to add a word to the list below.

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