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This is the starter page for a wiki-based thematic unit on dog mushing, and the Iditarod that is open to all teachers and students who would like to use it. If you are looking for Iditarod resources:

Iditaproject 2009.jpg

Anyone can contribute - teacher, student, Iditarod fans or those interested in mushing itself - so create an account, and let's make it the best single resource out there!

This is a work in progress, but formalizes curriculum elements that have been used in the Bering Strait School District for many years, and blends them with new technologies, such as podcasts, video streams, student and teacher created content, resources, and lesson plans.

BSSD has more schools in villages along the Iditarod National Historical Trail than any other school district - including the Iditarod School District!

We welcome you to use the Talk Page to discuss the direction and development of this Open Content resource.


2009 Iditarod In Progress!

The BSSD IditaProject team is beginning it's active planning phase for the 2009 Iditarod season, and registration is open! This year there will be a free online course for teachers and schools that will be first come - first served.

Last year, IditaProject reached this registered audience:

2009 stats.jpg

MUSHING MEDIA - Iditarod 2009 Photos & Videos & Archives

Videos & Photos
Iditaproject 2009 Iditaproject Archives 2007-2008
Iditaproject 2009 Photos Iditaproject 2007
Iditaproject 2009 Videos Iditaproject 2008

RSS Feed

Rss.gif - Subscribe and receive ALL the updates!

2009 Ceremonial Start Photos

2009 Ceremonial Start Videos

Student Broadcast Team Video Stream of Iditarod Coverage

VIDEO STREAM - BSSD Video Stream of Iditarod Coverage.

2009 Live Coverage

In addition to IditaProject itself, our users are collaboratively providing free 2009 Race Coverage Resources for tracking Iditarod 2009 news and events!

Expanded IditaProject coverage is planned this year that will include free video conference connections with schools around the country. These sessions will also broadcast live via a Flash stream that requires no special software.

In addition, this page has a solid collection of lessons, resources, and standards-linked support materials. It will also have links to all prior year podcasts, video streams, and MP3s that were produced by students and teachers.

The new IditaProject Mushing Forum Area is open all year, but is particularly busy during the race with fan discussion, race reports, and even some of the mushers stopping in. The volunteer moderators there have done an excellent job at organizing off season chats, interviews with mushers, and generating a supportive community. This year the IditaProject participants will use the Teachers Only Forums there, and the student-moderated Students Only Forum to directly discuss events, and get classrooms more connected and involved.

2009 Partnerships

For the fifth year, we are partnering with organizations such as the Bureau of Land Management's Iditarod National Historic Trail program, the Iditarod Historic Trail Alliance, GCI's SchoolAccess division, Northern Air Cargo (NAC), Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation (NSEDC), and others to make this collaborative teacher-to-teacher, and student-to-student project possible. More information on sponsorship and activities planned will appear here shortly.

Want to help sponsor our project?

Video Conference and Distance Course Registration

Wiki Editing: Where to Start?

If you are new to wiki syntax - which is MUCH easier than HTML - we recommend you take a look at the excellent one page wiki editing cheatsheet that you can print out.

Use the "Edit" button along the top to change any page. To create new pages simply put double brackets around a word or phrase that becomes the page name like this [[Cool New Page]]. The example page link would red, which indicates that only a page "stub" or placeholder exists. You can then click that red link to add information to the newly created page.

This outline is only a rough organizer for the Bering Strait School District's IditaProject. Please add to the outline so that we can begin to make this a good Iditarod unit for everyone.

Anybody can contribute by registering with a valid email address!

Iditarod Resources Overview

In general, our goals for this Open Content thematic instructional unit on the Iditarod Sled Dog Race are:

Iditarod 2009 Quick Reference

These links are for quick reference, and can be added to by anyone:

Tracking the Race

Iditarod Forums


Race Route & Checkpoint Info

Photos and Media Galleries

Video Views of the Trail Today - On-the-ground and from the air!

Mushing Blogs

Past Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Stats

2008 Iditarod

2007 Iditarod

2006 Iditarod

2005 Iditarod

2004 Iditarod

History of the Iditarod

First there were Native Alaskan trails connecting their on the coasts, over the mountain passes, and along the rivers in Alaska. Next came the Russian fur trappers, traders and colonizers, and they used the same trails. Next came the Americans, who stampeded for gold on the same trails and linked new towns like Fairbanks, Nome, and Iditarod.

The Alaska Road Commission then linked a series of these trails from Seward to Nome, through the town of Iditarod. When the goldfields went bust, and many of the trails grew over for a half century, until a group of folks led by Joe Redington Sr., had the wild idea to hold a sleddog race from Anchorage to Nome.

That was 37 years ago, and annual races have been held ever since. The trail was designated by Congress as the Iditarod National Historic Trail in 1978. So when you think about "the history of the Iditarod", do you mean the sleddog race? the historic trail? the historic town? or the river named Iditarod? There are centuries of history out there!!

Iditarod Educational Links

Are you a teacher who has used or located a good existing resource? List it here, and consider registering for IditaProject 2009. It is free for teachers and schools anywhere.

This year's IditaProject topic threads:

Collaborative Instructional Units - Created by the IditaProject Working Weekend Team, but feel free to help!

The units below are linked to BSSD standards, but anyone can contribute or use them:

Note: Anyone can create units of their own here on this wiki by creating an account, and then just entering the name of the page in the search bar to the left and clicking "Go". The red then creates a new page with your unit title. Just use the Lesson Plan Template if you like by typing in {{subst:Lesson_Plan}} at the top of a blank new page!

Free Rubric Creator - Great site to make rubrics that can be then uploaded to the wiki for your activities.

General Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Resources (For All Ages)

Primary Grades Resources (K-3)

Upper Elementary Resources (4-8)

Secondary Resources (9-12)

State Specific Standards & Lessons

2009 Iditarod Musher Info

Please see 2009 Race Coverage page for a complete list of 2009 mushers, and information about their websites, blogs and news stories.

Uncategorized Iditarod Links

This area is a temporary holding area for a links that our volunteers, teachers and other contributors will organize into appropriate categories so folks can find them. If you are not sure where something goes, put it here!!

Links to Check

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