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OpenContent Initiative
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13,200 pages & 7,247 uploaded documents in various shapes and sizes.

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July 17, 2018

Currwikulum Sprint in Progress!



Have you been Wikified?

What comes next depends on what you, the user, makes happen ;-) There are no training wheels.
BSSD is Wikified!
The BSSD Standards, as well as some curriculum resources, have been added to the site as a starter, and editing now takes place in real time by anyone. Many sites have created their own sections, and a wide range of district documents and guides and have been written or converted to wiki format by staff members around the district.

BSSD's OpenContent site now has over 14,100 pages, and is growing rapidly (see statistics). In fact, an average of between 500 - 1100 pages per day were edited or added during the recent CASC meetings.

Contributions are coming from teachers, administrators, outside visitors and students! Since the DART system links to OpenContent wiki pages about each student's identified highest need standards, we have seen teachers begin to encourage student content creation as an instructional outcome. Students can be active collaborators in creating the resources that others use to teach our curriculum.

Even district administrators have had training in how to use the wiki engine syntax, and are posting processes, resources, templates for documents and other workflow helpers.

Changes that take place here have and will influence revisions made to official BSSD documents in the future. The most current version of the BSSD standards, and associated assessments always reside in the BSSD iCommunity.

This is essentially everyone's opportunity to improve, create and influence a better model of education collaboratively. Contact BSSD's Ed Tech Department if you need help getting started.

Post Secondary Vocational Opportunities 

Abstracts for all BSSD blogs

Abstracts for all BSSD blogs -this is a page to provide links and descriptions for all BSSD blogs

New to BSSD?

New to BSSD

Welcome to the BSSD Dream Team!

The users of our wiki have created a New Teacher Orientation Handbook This PDF covers all the topics you will need to know about, including:

Other wiki pages full of resources for you...

Another great service you can find here is something that will allow you to travel light! We know that departing staff have things for sale that you may want so you can check out the ads for household items, snowmachines, ATV's and other items that teachers want to sell at the BSSD Trader

BSSD staff have also started a BSSD District Profile you can check out.

Teachers and administrators will be adding resources here that are intended to help you make a smooth transition to the Bering Strait School District.

Site Specific Information

Here is some information about the 15 sites (+NACTEC) in our district:

Counseling Units

Counseling Handbook

Post-Secondary Resources

Post Secondary Vocational Opportunities 

Job corps.jpg

For More information on Job Corp, click here. Job Corps


For more information on AVTEC, click here.

Uaa screenshot.jpg

Uaf screen shot.jpg

Nwc screenshot.jpg


For a list of currently avaliable scholarships, click here.

Senior Monthly Videoconferences

Seniors are encouraged to tune in each month for a video conference on information on post secondary opportunities. For the college bound students, we will discuss applications, financial aide, testing, and the spring campus visits to UAA and UAF. For students interested in pursuing further training is specific career and technical skills, we will explore the various training opportunities in the region and Alaska. Videoconferences will utilize guest speakers from colleges and CTE training facilities throughout the region and state.

Sandbox for Wiki Editing

Our Wiki Sandbox area is the place for pontential contributors to experiment with the wiki engine we use. Play around, and get a feel for editing and creating links and formats using wiki syntax.

A great help is the wiki editing guide from the Wikimedia Foundation. They also have an excellent one page cheatsheet that you can print out.

Here is a step-by-step guide to uploading a document to Wiki.

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