Mikuni VM series, round slide carburetors

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Mikuni internal parts.jpg The Mikuni round slide carburetors used on many snowmachines are rather simple in design, but with parts which can be rather confusing in their terminology. The picture above shows just about any part which is made to be removable and has a name. This picture is not intended to help you in any way other than to identify parts.

Mikuni Main thrubowl.jpg To access and maintain any internal parts one must remove the four screws retaining the float bowl on the bottom of the carb. (Here, the sediment trapping tube has been removed revealing the main jet. The main jet can be replaced as necessary without removing the bowl. It does require a special tool.)

Removing the float bowl may require a solid work surface of some sort - even if it is only improvised. Having a properly fitted Phillips screwdriver (#2 tip) and adequate pressure is important to prevent the screw heads from being stripped.

Mikuni details.1.jpg With the bowl removed, major internal parts become visible. They are identified here.

Mikuni float.arm.jpg

To access the fuel inlet jet and needle, remove the float arms by pushing out the pin. Some carbs use a headed pin which only goes in and out one way. Others (like this one) use a headless smooth rod.

Mikuni inlet.jpg

With the float arms removed, the needle will simply drop out if the carb is turned over (to the normal operating position). The jet or seat can be removed with a 10mm wrench or socket.

Mikuni inlet needle.jpg

The inlet needle sometimes has metal tip, other times a soft synthetic material ( ®). Since the needle and seat are subject to all the bums the machine has been exposed to, a metal-tipped needle should be inspected to make sure it is free from wear and grooves.

Mikuni main.jet rate.jpg

Mikuni slide cut-away.jpg Mikuni Needle.jet Jet.needle.jpg Mikuni pilot needle.jet.jpg Mikuni needle.jet.jpg

Mikuni jet.marks.jpg

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