Mikuni VM series, round slide carburetors

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Mikuni round valve (slide) carburetors are a common form of fuel delivery used in the popular brands of two-cycle snowmachines. They use a system of jets, needles, and air control, which overlap in function, to provide a smooth delivery of fuel at all levels of engine function. These carburetors are quite simple and readily learned and can be easily maintained and repaired.

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Special Safety Precautions should be heeded when working with carburetors:

and in regard to the equipment...

• Mikuni Carburetors are constructed mainly of relatively soft, non-ferrous metals including zinc, aluminum, and brass. They are very functional and adequate for their intended purposes. However, one must use care, especially in working with the soft brass jets, to avoid stripping or breaking threaded parts.

Mukuni VM: Outside Parts and Functions

Mukuni VM: Inside Parts and Functions

Mikuni internal parts a.jpg

The Mikuni round slide carburetors used on many snowmachines are rather simple in design, but with parts which can be rather confusing in their terminology. The picture above shows just about any part which is made to be removable and has a name. This picture is not intended to help you in any way other than to identify parts.

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