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Note: This page is a work in progress by a teacher, and sources, citations for credit and checking for copyrighted items will take place over the next few days. I have temporarily removed copyrighted content.

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Duration of this class will be multi-layered. Beginning in November and December, we will be selecting and harvesting wood for the construction of miniature sleds


Materials Needed

Topographic Wall map of Alaska mounted on wall. Iditarod Trail charted on the map (Northern and Southern route posted) Student built miniature dog sleds and research documents on Iditarod checkpoints


To understand the historical and modern significance of the Iditarod dog sled race held each March. Create woodworking skills to help in establishing entrepreneur skills by designing and building sleds, wood harvesting etiquette, Research skill on internet and Library sources


Evaluation/ Rubric

Teacher Notes



BSSD Standards Addressed

CS.06.02 Applies Business Skills Performs duties and responsibilities within the simulation utilizing business skills (e.g. self evaluation, forming group consensus, goal setting, communication, self-directed task completion, role specialization, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity).

CS.05.04 Career Exploration Explores (using technology, career/interest surveys, and discussion) a variety of potential future outcomes, participates in a field trip to one of the potential future outcomes (skilled trades, post-secondary education, entrepreneurial endeavors, service learning, subsistence, and business), and adds to Career Portfolio.

LS.03.06 Safety Procedures Describes safety procedures for recreational activities (e.g., boating, swimming, gun safety, recreational vehicles).

SS.7A.01 Information credibility Compares and contrasts credibility of differing accounts of the same event.

SS.8A.18 Current events Understands current issues in the context of historical events (Loss of native language in terms of Sheldon Jackson’s mission, etc.)

Music associated with the Iditarod

Click here to listen to part of the "Idita Rock n Roll" song:


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