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5.08 Identifies the transmission, prevention, and effects of AIDS and STDs and identifies the responsibilities associated with pregnancy, parenting, and marriage.

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KNOW Students will know the affects of early pregnancy and STD's and how to prevent them.

ABLE TO DO Students will be able to tell the effects of STD's and early pregnancy and discuss the current, most effective methods, for preventing them.

Students will be able to identify responsibilities they would face if they became pregnant, began parenting and/or decided to get married.



This is a good standard for including technology and writing standards.

Here is an STD lesson. Most of the handouts are downloads, but I had to create the "chart" they keep referring to (including the five most common STD's), which is attached below.

Lesson: [STD Lesson]

Chart: STD Chart



PS 5.08 Identifies the transmission, prevention, and effects of AIDS and STDs.

Part 1 Textbook “Aids and Society”

A. Transmission of Aids Read p 14-19 in book Do p. 16 #1-3 Do p. 19 #1-3

B. Prevention of Aids

Read p 35-42 in book Do p. 41 #1-4 Do p. 42 #1-2

C. Effects Of Aids Read p. 5-13 Do p. 10 #1-3 Do. P. 12 #1-3

Part 2 (Teacher note :Do 1 or 2) 1. Read pages 534-547 In “Health:A Guide to Wellness” textbook Do p. 537 #1-4 Do. P. 539 #1-4 Do. P. 543 #1-5 Do. P. 546 #1-3 Do. P. 546 # 1-8 “Reviewing What You Learned” Do. P 546 #1 “Applying What You Learned” Do p. 547 “ Focus on Wellness” Write an essay with the italicized sentence as the opening. 2. STD’s What is STD an abbreviation for?

Name 5 different STD’s, how each is transmitted, and the symptoms of each.

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