Weather in Numbers: "Seeing" how it works

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The following ideas do not fit neatly in a simple box, so the user must apply them to their own situation as they see fit. However, it will be obvious that the content areas of math, science, technology, and life skills would all be appropriate places, among others, for their application.

Web Resources

This activity depends on data provided by many local weather stations situated at some of the local airports in our region. Unlike the three-letter airport codes (IATA: International Air Transport Association) more familiar to those who travel by air, these weather stations use a four-letter code -ICAO- which stands for International Civil Aviation Organization airport code. In order to readily find one of the more local ones, the following website can help - (all Alaska stations begin with "P"):

You will then use four letter code to find the current and recent data for the local weather station by substituting the four letters, capitalized*, into this URL:

How to use the info

This data provided looks something like this:

(The pictured screen is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and can be found for many locations in Alaska and worldwide at: )

Suggested Applications

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